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sorry me, but i have to unfollow you, so that i can test things

I still find it amusing I can originate shitposts from my house

gosh i forgot how lacking in contrast the default mastodon UI is

i'm glad that colorblindness is one of the design considerations for the default pleroma colorscheme

I should probably report that missing gem issue to Mastodon.

the funny thing is I could probably run all of on Mastodon using that machine

seems legit

(that blue cable provides the internet, the other two go to wifi APs in the house)

ok lets figure out why my locked accounts branch broke pleroma

this container is using 3GB of RAM, for fucks sake

i found out why, the streaming server was being a steaming POS

2018-05-27T07:33:31.711Z 25334 TID-gqhiu5vru INFO: Redis is online, 43.001166918 sec downtime is one server in the network